Interviews with Users

As we couldnt go into a high stress working environment due to ethical and security issues we instead decided to interview some people who work in these sorts of environment and get some feedback on what we were trying to do. 
This feedback was really positive, and what we gained form these interviews was

  • The idea that these should be arranged in seperate areas, away from the general environment, this way people wont be embarassed to use it, as it could seem like they were going on break. also lessens noise input
  • These would be welcomed in a workplace environment 
  • Cleanliness issues- making cushions machine washable and removable. 
  • Customisation options, depending on workplace. 
  • Options for more than one?

In an ideal world...

So in its actual setting the object would be static, and there would be no wheels on the bottom, because of this it would be significantly lower.
Also, although we got the coding to work, the LEDs we wanted to use the arudino couldnt power, due to the 5v maximum, and the lights require 12v. 
 And lastly, due to our finances the ply had to be cut into sections, if this went into a comercial setting, the ply would be a much naturally darker wood, that was strong and didn't bucle, and the whole faces would be made out of one sheet, reducing the seams.  

Final Model + Solidworks

Measurements: Use smart dimensions to scale the framework of the cocoon.

Extruded from profile of sketch to 900m 

Measurements for slots where the poles will be placed. Using circle and guidelines, the profile will be closely scaled out  along the top of the cocoon and also the foot barrier.

Using these two functions the profile of the pole will follow the measurements given by the circle. The curved lines will be sketched onto the right plane. The two circles will follow the profile of the curve and the swept base will be extruded from the top and bottom holes created the poles.

Base Structures

 Curved Base with oval wall on the left.

 Moveable base stools adjustable for different heights.

 Low 2point angle base, includes wall on the right side.

 Tan bed inspired, with 3 main lids that open when pushed. Each lid sits on a pole which runs through the body of the cocoon. The interior includes a curved sitting base.

2point angle based with foot restriction, overhead bars used for structural guides for the lid/cover to the cocoon.

Psychological Research

I was lucky enough to be able have the opportunity to go and meet witha practicing psychotheripist named Jayne Webly about stress and the psychological behind it.

The main thing that was mentioned was that stress allot about the headspace that the person is in, and so getting them out of that space is critically important. This is something that our pod is specifically do, to isolate people from the outside environment that they are stuck inand getting them into a seperate headspace.

The second thing she mentioned was breathing, deep breaths at intervals of three seconds help people slow their heart rate. This is something that we are already looking into with plans to have LEDs throughout the pod that fade in and out at three second intervals.

Colour research

After looking at multiple sources for ideas about which colours in fabric and lights to use that will evoke the most calming effects. The common consensus is that either the colour white, blue or green would be the most effective.

Blue-  evokes feelings of calmness and serenity, and is described as peaceful, secure, tranquil and orderly
"Blue is often used to decorate offices because research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms."
it is also said to aid the lowering of pulse and temperature.
Blue is the colour of the mind and so is soothing mentally, stimulating clear thoughts and aiding to calm the mind to think and communicate clearly. It is also the most favoured colour in the world.

Green- "Green, which is Nature's colour, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving." - Paul Brunton
Represents tranquility, goodluck and health it is often used to help relieve stress, help heal and calming aspects, which is why TV studios use the "green room" before appearing onscreen. Green has also been used to help improve ones reading ability, and help prevent stomachaches.
Green is a restful colour, for the mind and body, its relation to nature affects us on a primitive level, making us calmer reassured and more balanced.

White- represents purity or innocence, and creates a sense of space. (needed for an enclosed small space).
White is clarity, purity and can be a strain to look at, however it creates the idea of bigger space, and when used with a soft and inviting material, will evoke ideas of luxery, and more inviting than white usually is.

Blue coloured lights have been proved to reduce crime and prevent suicide, and produce a calming effect on participant, perfect for our pod. However these lights will need to be a soft light blue, as darker blues have connotations to police lights.