Caustrophobia research

One our first concerns in creating this design was catering to the percentage of people who suffer from caustrophobia and how we would combat this issue.
Caustrophobia is the fear of being trapped in small spaces and according to "Phobias: A Handbook of Theory, Research and Treatment" (Wiley) between 15 and 37% of the world population are affected by caustrophobia, and is usually caused by an experience in which the person involved was younger and felt unsafe. 

unfortunately not much can be done to target or help the claustrophobia once in the pod as the main thing to do when someone is starting to have a panic attack and such, is to get them out of the small space, which wouldnt really work for our pod.
f we have to seal the pod, it needs to customisable so that each persons individual comfort levels can be catered for, perhaps using multiple layers of of materials, this means that the lid or top would most likely need to be made of a softer, lighter material, as the heavy material is more likely to induce the feeling of being trapped.