Conceptual Sketch

This is the first conceptual sketch for the pod. The exterior will be made of bent wood and the interior cusions will be stuffed material with a sponge base. The 'door' to the pod will be a slider made of bendable ply wood that comes up from one side where it is stored, this side will not be able to be entered, and slide along groves along the rim of the opening to clip down on the other side at any one of several differeant possitions. this is to provode people with claustrophobia the option of not sealing themselves in completely. Another option we are providing people with claustrophobia is that of a frosted opaque whit second screen so that they can still allow light into the pod and not be surrounded by darkness as this is a trigger for some peoples claustraphobia.

Alot of thought went into the angles of the internal chair intself, it was imporatant that this was laid back enough to allow people to recline and relax (duh) but not so much that they would fall asleep.

The side that has the entrance wont have an arm rest, as opposed to the other side which will. This is to save space and allow people of all heights to get in and to also because having one arm elevated slightly higher than the other is supposed to increase relaxation.