Relaxation positions

When wanting to create an area where someone is relaxed, body positions is a huge factor.
We were considering creating a form in which someone was forced to sit in a particular  relaxing position according to the research below however this idea was cancelled out, as we thought forcing someone into a particular position could counter comfort and relaxation and actually become uncomfortable.
To combine these ideas we decided to compromise by creating the chair at certain angles to mean the user had to sit in a particular way, however without a body form involved, could also reposition themselves and create something that was comfortable for them.

The idea of having certain angles was derived from the reading attached.
This reading suggested common positions that muscles and shapes that people create when they are relaxed.

An example of this is the chin and head dropping yet still being in line with the body, the shoulders being rounded and horizontal while resting against the chair, torso, hips and legs are symmetrical an din the midline of the body while also resting against the chair and feet are pointed away from each other at an angle between 60-90%