Skin deep

Skin Deep is a service which can turn internal injuries into jewelry, using medial scans to physically visualise injuries.

Skin Deep takes medical data and uses parametric modeling to turn your broken bone, blood clot or muscle tear into a external illustration in a wearable piece of art.


Sharing your bravery or reckless abandon for safety with those around you, taking what was once taboo to ask about and celebrating it.


Skin Deep allows you to take control of your data giving you the option to D.I.Y. a piece of jewelry that showcases your body and what your injury meant to you.


Giving you the opportunity to make a ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings or even body piercing jewelry.



The context of punk culture as a grounding for Skin Deep as this allows for people to show their individuality and will parametric software it’s possible to create for each individual. You can make your jewelry as in your face or as subtle as you like.